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Loyalty Lounge is Live!

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edited April 2016 in New to Wizard of Oz Slots
Our Loyalty Program is live! The Loyalty Lounge is a new VIP rewards program.

Level up your VIP tiers faster by linking all of your accounts across our network of games. That way each game VIP amount contributes to your overall Loyalty Lounge VIP status.

The The Loyalty Lounge program is available in Wizard of Oz and Princess Bride! Hit it Rich! is coming soon…
Simply sign up in game with an email address to create an account, then use that same email address to sign into each of your devices on each game. Once you are connected, your Loyalty Lounge points are connected as well.

When you sign in with the same email to all slots games, all of your vip points will be connected. So, if you make a purchase in one game you will receive the Loyalty Lounge for all your Zynga Slots Games.

Another benefit when you sign in for the Loyalty program is that your VIP points from each of our games add up, so if you have 2000 in WOZ and 1000 in PB, if you sign into each game you get 3000 Loyalty points across both games!




To reward our highest engaged users, we have added two new tiers to our VIP program, Yellow and Blue Diamond. The rewards are even better for our highest engaged users!

The Loyalty Lounge program has exclusive rooms that can be played depending on your VIP Level. As soon as you have access, you will see the Loyalty Lounge Lobby showing the available rooms that you can play.

When you click the "LL" Icon in the Main Lobby, it will open the VIP Overview. This is where you will see your current progress and how many VIP Points are needed in order for you to advance.

If you wish to know more about your benefits, you can click the "Benefits" button shown above to see your VIP Benefits in detail.


Happy Spinning!
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