What is the Rainy Day Fund?

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The Rainy Day Fund is a new feature in Hit It Rich! that allows you to stash away a part of your wager. You can purchase all stashed wager under a big discount!


Your Rainy day fund / piggy bank starts with a given base Coin amount and price, and a percentage of each wager is contributed to your rainy day fund / piggy bank.


When you spin on machines, a portion of each bet is added to the personal progressive / Piggy Bank. As you spin more, the value of the Piggy Bank increases even though the set purchase price does not, making it a very enticing offer. Once that offer is purchased, the Piggy Bank content resets to a lower value, and the purchase price increases.

Here is where you can access your Rainy Day Fund / Piggy Bank:


Toggling over the Rainy Day Fund icon keeps you on track on how much you have saved, and how much it costs to purchase.


So keep on betting and start on saving with the new Rainy Day Fund feature!
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