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Hello Hit It Rich reel spinners!

Welcome to our Feedback section! This is the place for you to let us know what you think about the game and its many features. Members of the Hit It Rich! team keep an eye on this forum for inspiration and ideas for improvement.

That being said, we want to take a moment to ensure that everyone can utilize this section of the forums to its full potential! First I'll go over a few basics, and then I'll show you how to make the most of the Feedback section.

Ground Rules
  • Respect: Everyone has something to contribute, so even if you disagree with an opinion posted here, don't insult it!
  • Agree to Disagree: We can't always share the same opinion. Even when you disagree, it's always helpful to leave your own opinion too!
  • Flaming: Instead of flaming others when you don’t share the same opinion, post your own feedback.
  • Off Topic: Please don't stray from the topic stated by the thread creator.
  • Hijacking: Do not post about a different topic in an existing thread, topics help to keep ideas together.
  • Duplicates: New posts made about the same subject may be moved into existing threads or locked.
  • Inappropriate Behavior: All Rules of Conduct still apply here!

What is Constructive Feedback?

Useful feedback includes what you like as well as what you dislike about something. Constructive feedback should always include examples of what you like to compare with what you don’t.

This kind of feedback is extremely helpful because it includes suggestions for further improvement instead of just saying what was 'bad'. The easiest way to talk about constructive feedback is to show you what we mean:


1. "That door sucks, I hate it."

This is not constructive feedback; it does not mention anything specific, and it has no ideas to improve the problem. Doesn’t help to improve the game or feature.

2. "The door is loud and squeaky, it has a silly color and I don't like it"

This still doesn't suggest improvements, but it gives examples of what the issue is. Somewhat helpful.

3. "The front door squeaks when you use it and it slams a lot! I have to use this door at least 10 times a day which makes it a lot worse. Can we grease the hinges and try to close it slowly? This door is louder than the old door, which also had a handle that was easier to use, but the new one has a much better lock."

This is constructive feedback because it:
  • Notes the problem
  • Provides examples of what is wrong
  • Notes the positive.
  • Provides possible solutions.

To help us improve Hit It Rich!, please try to be constructive with your feedback. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to let us know what they think about Hit It Rich! so far! We always look forward to hearing your opinions, and we're confident that we can continue to make Hit It Rich! one of the best games to ever hit Facebook!

“So what’s the difference?”

It is difficult to make game improvements that are fun on the first try. Just because we know what our players don’t like, does not always mean that we can guess what they will like!

Any player who posts constructive feedback can feel confident that they are directly contributing to making the game enjoyable for everyone!

Due to the amount of feedback that we receive, it is not possible to directly respond to individual concerns. If you’re leaving helpful feedback, we hear you loud and clear!

Why don't I see Zynga Staff replying to posts?

While we appreciate all your constructive feedback and suggestions, the Hit It Rich! team does not normally comment on it. This doesn't mean that your feedback has been ignored, in fact your suggestions and feedback are read by both the Community team and Hit It Rich! staff members.

There are a LOT of great ideas posted every day! We love great feedback and suggestions, but if we were to directly respond to one, we would want to do the same for all. As long as your post is insightful and constructive, rest assured, we read and appreciate it!

Spinning the reels,
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