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Syncing credits across platforms

jph55jph55 Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited January 2016 in Ideas & Feature Requests
jph55 wrote: »
According to another post under "Android-and-apple-devices" the issue of syncing credits across devices has been under review for over a year. The fact that purchased or accrued credits cannot be used on my phone if I have them on my desktop or vice-versa is ridiculous. Both devices use Facebook for management, and everything else syncs just fine. This should be a simple issue to resolve and every other game I've used works properly.

Please fix this as soon as possible as it looks like a cash grab by Zynga in forcing users to purchase credits for every device they use.

Hello jph55,

We really appreciate your feedback. When you're using multiple devices (Mobile/Web), the amount of coins will be different for each platform. We'd recommend that you play the game with one device at a time. For more information, please refer to this article. Thanks for your understanding.
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