Beginner’s Guide and FAQ

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Hi Spinners!

Here's another game that takes you to the wonderful world of Spinning!


From the Bottom Lobby, what can I do?


Where are my friends?


How do I play?

It's simple, choose a Room, place your Bet and Spin!

How much can I win?
You can check the Pay Table to see how much you can win.

Go to the Pay Table:



Example of Pay Table:


Can I win Free Spins?

Players can win Free Spins. Free Spins behave differently in each room. You can find more information about them in the Pay Table of each room.

I have run out of Coins. Do I get more free ones?
Yes, you do! We'll offer you more free Coins every 4 hours! You will start with 500,000 coins which will increase as you level up.

How can I get more coins?
At the bottom left of your screen, tap "buy" button to reveal the purchase tab. You will find diverse packages that you can purchase via your Apple Store account and/or Google Play. Our offers can change at any time and may vary depending on the platform (Web/Mobile) you are playing.

Your friends can send you coins once per day. Though receiving gifts has no limit, you can accept/collect depending on your VIP level.

Have fun spinning!

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