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Easier navigation for customer service and forum apps

WantorcatWantorcat Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 1Registered User
edited January 2016 in Ideas & Feature Requests
Wantorcat wrote: »
It would be nice if it was easier to get help and also to navigate the Forum area. You should maybe have a tutorial button in the game that would take you to a tutorial page where you can choose which tutorial you would like to see. It is really not very easy to navigate these areas for a beginner and can be very frustrating for these first time users.

Hi Wantorcat,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. As a new player in the Forums, you need to know the Community Forums Rules of Conduct. This will provide guidelines for behaviors and activities that are acceptable and encouraged as well as those that are not permitted in the Forums. For additional guides that you can use, please refer to this link.
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