Lower minimum bets for jackpots

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Your minimum bets to be eligible for jackpots are way, way too high. You would have a lot more people playing if they were at a more realistic level. It now takes weeks to accumulate enough to try for a jackpot, especially since the bonuses received every two hours is so low. Come on, loosen up.

Thanks for your feedback hectorsmom. You can fill out the form found on this link to have your suggestion considered by our team. Thanks for playing and have a great day ahead! :)


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    This is one of my biggest complaints about this game. There is no way I could ever win enough to fork out 50 million or more a spin to be eligible for a CHANCE at a jackpot or Bonus Wheel that will likely pay me less than many regular spins when I can't even hit a Jackpot or Bonus Wheel after spending 500 million or more on those that only require 1 million point bets. I was told early on by a friend to ignore bonuses and special challenges since you will NEVER, NEVER, EVER recover or win enough from those plays to make up for what it costs to get to those goals. Of course, that's the idea! Zynga wants you to use as many points as possible and win as little as possible so you have to buy or earn more. We can't forget that Zynga is a business that wants money just like any other business. This is a game for us -- a business for Zynga. Do they play fair? How far can they go to keep us playing before we stop because we feel ripped off? I'm sure they follow the stats VERY closely and know what they can get away with.

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    If it was a casino they would be shut down for having their machines so **** tight. I've spent 88 dollars on VIRTUAL COINS and then woke up and asked myself if that is even legal? How do you sell virtual money?? They get no more money from me ever again.
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    If you read the terms of service you’ll see that what they are selling to you is a ‘License to play the game’.
    You have control on how you spend that license, could be over 1000 games or 1 game. It isn’t money or virtual money. You are paying for the entertainment, which you clearly get otherwise you wouldn’t have made the purchase, or made any others after the first purchase.
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