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Hi Spinners!

Here's some information regarding the Daily Race which you may find useful!


Players in the Daily Race will compete in groups of 12 to win the most Coins in a 24-hour period. The amount indicated below each player’s name shows the total Coins they've won during the Daily Race and not the Daily Race Prize. Also, the competitors are composed of random players from your friends up to whoever is playing the game!

You can toggle between the Daily Race and Friends tabs to check the rankings. For web players, clicking the left and right arrow buttons moves the bar; while a swiping gesture does the same on mobile. Note that once you're in the race, the only way is to do your best to win!


Every 6 seconds, an animation (example Flags waving) draws your attention to the Daily Race Tab (see Yellow Box). The prize amount and remaining time (see Red Box) are shown on the left side; while the last winner is shown on the right (see Green Box).


The player in first place has a Gold Tile (see Violet Box) while the rest of the participants in the Daily Race have a regular colored one. When the timer runs out, the winner will receive a pop-up message with the prize amount. The reward will be added an hour later. Only the winner is awarded the Daily Race Prize.

The maximum payout on the daily race is 100 million. When the pool nears the limit it starts to slow down and will continue up to 100 million as long as player’s are betting. It’s just really slow at the range.



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