Increasing your Two-Hour Bonus

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Hello Spinners,

Are you wondering when will your bonus amounts go up? The wheel values and the bonus streak values are both completely determined by your XP level. You can find your XP level near the top-left corner of the game screen.

Everyone starts out with the same wheel values and the same bonus streak values.

Your XP level rises with your game play, and each bet you make will raise it a little higher. The higher your bets, the more your XP rises each time. As your XP level rises, you will start to see your wheel values increase - not just the numbers on the first two wheels, but the eventually the multipliers on the third wheel.

Your wheel values will go up at the following levels:

But the wheel values aren't the only numbers that go up. The values for each day of the daily bonus streak will also start to rise.



The streak values will rise at the following XP levels.
Level 46 - 2000 coins for Day 7
Level 136 - 3000 coins for Day 7
Level 271 - 3500 coins for Day 7
Level 451 - 4000 coins for Day 7
Level 676 - 5000 coins for Day 7

Hopefully this information will help you out, and keep you striving to get more and more out of each bonus!

Keep Spinning!
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